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Rule Reminders from Petaque Federation Australia
Rules regarding the circle
PFA is going to make a regular contribution of 'Rule Reminders'. Many of you have probably never read the rules or like me have forgotten the finer details. Also, some have changed. It is just as easy to play by the rules as not, and by doing so we have the chance to reduce conflict. But let's also apply some common sense and civility. That someone breaks a rule does not require a rebuke; after all they may not know or may have been told different. A bit of politeness goes a long way!
  • You should mark the ground on the front and one side of the circle in case it accidently moves
  • The player's feet must be entirely within the inside of the circle, not encroach on its perimeter
  • The player's feet must not leave the circle or be lifted completely off the ground until the thrown boule has touched the ground

Where should you stand when you are not throwing?
  • The opponents must remain beyond the jack or behind the throwing player and, in both cases, to the side at a distance of at least 2 metres from the throwing player or jack
  • You should not talk or move when a player is in the circle to throw. (I know in social games we may not stick to this (and I am guilty of it!) but ideally we should

Capital Petanque
Canberra_Boulodrome_picFor those venturing towards our Capital City, they now have a new playing area, and would certainly welcome you anyone.
The Capital Petanque Club plays at Weston Park on Tues and Thurs afternoons and on Sunday afternoons.  The Club also plays at Lake Tuggeranong in Canberra's south on Saturday afternoons. For more information please contact Sebastian (0417 289913).

Orgy of France!
CorbieresOur Week of 'Petanque Madness' in the Minervois.

(Gary H) I'm just back from the sunny south of France where I played numerous competitions with Jill, Pavel, Eric and Laurent. Brad, his daughter Tara and Pavel's wife Marianne were also there. Interesting experiences for all!
Sadly, Victoria's friend Judy got sick before our week of 'petanque madness' and Victoria ended up going back to Oz before the week even started.

Eric and I played a few events with a record of playing 9 games and losing only 1 in 3 days, having made the final of one competition but as it was almost 1 a.m. the prizes were split and making the quarter finals of another before losing to a father and daughter combination (our only loss). I've watched the daughter grow up playing with her dad and she is now a top player having lost the French Women's Doubles Championship two years running; no mean feat! We actually beat her partner from those games in an earlier round.
Jill and I had low expectations other than to just enjoy the games but we ended up winning at least one game each night (in La Redorte and Puicheric), something I haven't always achieved in the past! Jill play really well and with a bit of luck we could have one another game in our second competition in Puicheric, losing 13-12 to two pretty reasonable players.

Brad played 2 nights with Tara and battled hard in some close games but came up empty handed. Pavel and Marianne were more successful and chalked up a few good victories.
I played with Pavel in Azille and his wife Marianne played with Jill and we did not have a good night! We both got smashed twice and went home early. Still, there was wine and cheese to be finished off.
It was a great week of petanque and we enjoyed some excellent meals together as well. Everyone enjoyed the surrounding countryside and attractions. Well worth the effort!

Laurent Fossaert and I played 2 tournaments clearing the poules both times before losing to the eventual winners on each occasion. What was interesting is how although we emphasise the need to raise the level of shooting in Australia without appropriate pointing skills it is very difficult to win. We lost these games on difficult pistes which proved too much for me and did not give Eric and Laurent a platform to shoot and attack. Australian pistes are invariable too soft and do not require the degree of 'working the boules' required on these pistes. My last game with Laurent was against 2 Catalans. The pointer killed me putting height and spin on the boules and consistently being about 20-30 cms in front of the jack. If we managed to beat it, the shooter hardly missed and produced a high percentage of carreaux as well. We lost 5-13, which was their worst result on the day!
I hope more of you will head over to France and play a week of village petanque whilst enjoying the cultural and culinary riches!

French Affair
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Support the Union des Francais de l'Etranger (UFE)
The Union des Francais de l'Etranger is an organisation whose mission is to our Mission is to welcome, assist and guide our French and Francophile members worldwide through their settlement and integration into a new country. Together we have organised some fantastic events and we will soon be setting some regular annual events on the UFE calendar. In the meantime, here are the details of a super charity event the UFE is organizing, the Venetian Soiree! Information at

Hollidays in France!
Going to France? We Have Accommodation!!
Don't forget, we have a number of members in France with lovely properties in idyllic locations in the South of France. If you are looking for accommodation, drop 'em a line and get a members discount. Cecily for Arles ( ) and Nicky for Uzes ( ).