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Regular Midweek Petanque
Midweek petanque is social and casual. The number of people varies but itís usually good! If you are free why not come along?
Cost: BA and petanque club members free, non-members $2.00
Tuesday - 5:00 onwards at Ballast Point Park, Corner of Ballast Point Road and Wharf Road, Ballast Point (near Birchgrove).
Wednesday - 2:00 onwards at Randwick Boulodrome, Moverley Rd, South Coogee (I'll send a text)
Thursday - 2:00 at the Billi Piste, Corner of Burton and Alfred Street, Milsons Point. Contact Rex if you need boules or if in doubt due to weather (Rex - 0401 831 445)

Saturday the 2nd - Arvo Shooting Competition and Casual Games - Ballast Point Park, Corner of Ballast Point Road and Wharf Road, Ballast Point (near Birchgrove)
The NSWPL Shooting Competition is being held on the 10th of March at Ballast Point so we are proposing a practice run at the same venue. It will be good to try the set-up and give shooters a chance to practice this particular skill. It will require participants to help run the event but we will take the opportunity to train some people on running shooting competitions! Volunteers needed for this day and the actual NSWPL. I am sure some friendly games will be squeezed in as well. Be there at 1:00pm

Sunday the 3rd of the March - After Wake Toss in Centennial Park
After bidding adieu to Brian we will head off to the 'Piste in the Park' on Dickens Drive in the heart of Centennial Park. Its near the Education Precinct and it's a top spot. We'll be there around 2:00 so if you can't make it to the pub, we'll see you there.

Sunday the 10th of March - New South Wales Petanque League (NSWPL) Shooting Championship - - Ballast Point Park
Licenced players will receive the details in a separate email. If anyone would like to volunteer to help run the event that would be great! We need people to assist the umpire by watching that the shooters feet do not lift and are within the circle and we need someone to re-set the target boules when they have been hit. 6 to 8 people would be ideal. Free lunch provided for assistants!

Sunday the 17th of March  - Village Doubles at Randwick
2bouldosOur usual afternoon doubles competition. Find your own partner, contact me in advance ( or turn up and try potluck. There is always someone available! Be there at 1:00 for a 1:30 start. I'll bring drinks and some nibbles. Feel free to add to the table!
Time: 1:00 for a 1:30 competition start
Place:  Randwick Boulodrome, Latham Park, Moverley Road. South Coogee.
Cost: $5.00 for petanque club members. $10 for non-members

Sunday the 24th of March - NSWPL Singles Championship - Randwick Boulodrome
One of the changes that has been introduced into the NSWPL Competition Regulations is a system whereby the more members you have the more events you are awarded as part of the official NSWPL Calendar which means those competitions with ranking points at stake. This is something we have campaigned for over the last 10 years as a means of 'encouraging' clubs to make an effort to find new members and as a reward for those that do. It makes sense!
This year we have been awarded 3 competitions but due to the inability of the Lake Macquarie Petanque Club to host an event we have been awarded the NSWPL Singles as well.
So it's a fantastic year to be a Boules Artistes licenced member!
Competition details will be sent separately to licenced players.

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